The Band

The Epic Original Progressive Thrash Metal band established in 1978! It's first release featured Mark Biederman, Les Claypool, Larry Lalonde, and Mig Miner on the cult classic album The Sane Asylum.

 In 2017 Mark Biedermann reformed Blind Illusion with Doug Piercy originally from Heathen and Anvil Chorus featured on dual lead guitars at the Head Bangers Open Air Festival in Germany. 2018 saw them back in Germany at the Keep it True Festival. Then in 2019 they toured with the amazing young Thrash band from Luxembourg Fusion Bomb! The Slam Asylum Tour 2019 played shows in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands at the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival.

Blind Illusion in currently mixing 3 brand new songs and continues to write original material for a new album in 2020! Mark Biedermann and Doug Piercy battle it out on dueling lead guitars while Tom Gears and Brian Schwartz lay the foundation on bass and drums! 

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Marc_HOA Hi Res .jpg

The Biedermann live at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany 2017!


Tom Gears live at the Keep it True Festival 2018!

Doug Piercy 2019 Storm Crusher.jpg

Doug Piercy at the Storm Crusher Festival 2019!

Blind Illusion 2020 BOTH.jpg

Blind Illusion 2020 at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Brian Schwartz on drums, Doug Piercy Guitar, Mark Biedermann Guitar and Vocals, Tom Gears bass. 

Blind Illusion is managed by Distilled Entertainment!!